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Wherever you look, golf devices and items guarantee you straight drives, lower scores and that you’ll be the jealousy of your golf pals. Indeed, even the best golf rangefinder on the planet won’t fix your tee shot however it’s is an absolute necessity have for any golf player hoping to arrive their ball spot on.

All things considered, how might you hit your objective without realizing precisely how far it is from you?

We set out to locate the best rangefinders in each value run in 2019 to assist you with settling on better choices on the course. So we got them.

4 of the best golf run discoverers

Our Picks of the Best Golf Rangefinders:

Bushnell Pro X2 – Best Overall Rangefinder with Slope

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized – Best Premium Stabilized Rangefinder (with Slope)

Bushnell V4 Laser Rangefinder with Jolt – Best Value Rangefinder

Exactness Pro NX7 Rangefinder – Best New Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec PRO500 Rangefinder – Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell Hybrid GPS Rangefinder – Best Hybrid Golf Rangefinder

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Other participants:

Bushnell Pro X7 – Best Overall Rangefinder of 2016

Leupold Gx-4Ia2 Rangefinder – better quality option in contrast to Bushnell items

Other top rangefinders we investigated:

Callaway Hybrid GPS

Breaking 80

Bushnell Tour Prev

Bushnell Z6

Nikon Coolshot 20

Bushnell Tour V3 (Best Value Rangefinder 2017)

In case you’re new to golf rangefinders, we have an itemized purchasers direct underneath. On the off chance that you effectively claim one and you’re hoping to update or supplant, you realize that rangefinders are genuinely a distinct advantage that completely helps you score. see this

**New Finding**

Given our straight on trial of the top units, we have discovered that there’s NOT a critical contrast in the exactness. The enormous contrasts are in the ease of use, show highlights, toughness and different highlights. We tried 50-yard augmentations up to 450 yards and the distinctions were extremely irrelevant. They’re all the “best golf rangefinder” with regards to exactness. This is a sign the centre rangefinder innovation has developed and is reasonable to deliver for various customer value focuses. Like any tech item, we’d hope to see costs pattern descending after some time (or including new includes for the equivalent $).

How about we jump into the golf rangefinder surveys


Bushnell Pro X2 – Review

Rangefinders – Bushnell Pro X2, Bushnell Pro X2

Separation estimating gadgets have become a gigantic piece of the advanced game, GPS watches, GPS screens on your golf truck, and rangefinders have become embellishments that most golf players can’t survive without. Bushnell has been an industry chief in the rangefinder business spend significant time in rangefinders, degrees, binoculars and various items in the chasing, natural life and golf ventures.



Solicit 100 individuals and 97 from them would name Bushnell as the main brand with regards to golf rangefinders. While few out of every odd Bushnell model is extraordinary, the Bushnell Pro X2 is another top tier item from the best in the business.

The Bushnell Pro X2 is another case of Bushnell offering best in class innovation alongside strength, ease of use, and preferred style over their rivals. This is the reason Bushnell rangefinders figure out how to top our by and large and worth rangefinder classes year-over-year – they make the best golf rangefinders.

No item is impeccable, however, so how about we dive into the subtleties.

Key Features

Double Display Technology (DDT): Bushnell has included a shading switch inside the showcase which gives you a chance to change the shades of the line of sight and numbers to ensure it contrasts against your objective.

Pinseeker with JOLT: A vibration gives the client input (shock) when the rangefinder gets the banner. This encourages when you’re shooting to a banner arranged before trees or bushes so you don’t wind up picking an inappropriate club.

Slant remuneration technology: The unit takes the grade/decrease of the gap into thought and modifies the perusing. Without the modifications, you’d miss the mark on tough shots and short on the downhill.

Slant Switch innovation enables you to flip slant on and off to ensure you’re remaining lawful. USGA rule changes presently permit rangefinders in rivalry (subject to nearby authorities), however, utilization of incline modifications isn’t permitted.

The Most Durable Rangefinder

The Bushnell Pro X2 is by all accounts the most sturdy unit we’ve audited to date. Its body development is metal which feels durable contrasted with huge numbers of the plastic units that are average to golf rangefinders. We didn’t drop our own deliberately yet would wager the X2 will hold up best if it happens to slide off your truck onto the way.

The Pro X2 is additionally completely waterproof so you can play through the tempest, Caddyshack style.

Double Display Technology (DDT) Explained

Double Display Technology (DDT) Explained, Bushnell Pro X2

With a straightforward press of the Mode button, double show innovation (DDT) can be utilized to switch between a brilliant red striking presentation or a sharp dark showcase. This is an incredible element since when lighting conditions change clients can change the presentation shading to a choice that is most noticeable to them.

Pinseeker JOLT Technology Explained

Pinseeker JOLT Technology Explained, Bushnell Pro X2

It tends to be anything but difficult to shoot an inappropriate objective on the off chance that you don’t have input to affirm you’re bolted onto the stick. Some of the time the trees behind a green can be close enough for you to believe you’re on target however far enough to make you take an inappropriate club.

Pinseeker JOLT Technology is an element that creates a shock when the rangefinder precisely recognizes the stick when ‘taking shots’ at the stick. This element gives the client genuine feelings of serenity realizing that they have the definite separation to the stick and that they didn’t unintentionally misunderstand a separation to a tree 30 yards behind the green. This is presently a standard Bushnell highlight and has been in the last 4 models or thereabouts.

Incline Compensation Technology

Incline Compensation Technology, Bushnell Pro 2X

To certain players being able to compute undulation is not a major concern, yet when your home course is arranged on a mountain having a rangefinder with slant remuneration innovation can be of extraordinary help. Proficient players and beginners who contend in USGA and huge novice occasions likewise advantage extraordinarily from incline pay innovation. Being able to utilize these incline figuring rangefinders practically speaking rounds enables players to make exact notes in their yardage books that they can reference throughout their competitions.

Incline Switch Technology Explained

Incline Switch Technology Explained, Bushnell Pro 2X

At the point when rangefinders were at first acquainted with the market most rangefinders didn’t make up for incline, as innovation improved models that made up for slant were planned, yet just, later on, were there models accessible where exchanging between the modes were conceivable.

Around 3 years back Bushnell presented a model where a connection at the front of the rangefinder could be changed out to either have or not have incline pay innovation. With slant switch innovation it just requires the flick of a change to move between the two modes, which makes it a fast and easy to understand understanding.


Specs, Bushnell Pro 2X


Ease of use

The Pro X2 is a very easy to use a rangefinder, its shape takes into consideration an agreeable grasp, the elastic packaging offers assurance against falls and knocks and it is waterproof consequently it tends to be utilized in any climate conditions. Two distinctive show shading choices guarantee that choices are accessible to give the most extreme permeability in various lighting conditions. Slant switch innovation is accessible at the flip of a switch, there is no compelling reason to change connections, this once more adds to the friendlier client experience.


You’d anticipate that the best golf rangefinder should offer gigantic exactness, and the X2 has bounty with a scope of 5 – 1300 yards and precision running to ½ a yard. The Pinseeker JOLT innovation guarantees that clients realize that they have ‘shot’ the stick precisely, therefore, giving them trust in their picked separation. Having incline remuneration innovation accessible too adds another measurement to guarantee precision when acquiring a separation.


The X2’s metal body and additional weight added to the inclination that you’re holding something high-calibre and gives certainty that the readings you’ll get will be quick and exact.


The Pro X2 comes with a strong sticker price of $449.99, yet it is an item that you can use for an exceptionally significant time-frame. Bushnell offers an exchange up the program, which implies that clients can exchange more established models for more up to date models. The Pro X2 additionally accompanies a multi-year guarantee after the date of procurement.


The Bushnell Pro X2 is the best golf rangefinder they’ve at any point delivered. It’s only a pleasantly planned rangefinder with all the very good quality highlights while giving you speedy, exact peruses. It’s sturdy, with an elastic defensively covered metal lodging, and its waterproofing guarantees extreme solidness if you drop it in the beverage. Having the incline switch innovation offers incredible adaptability to players who play focused golf, slant pay can be utilized during training rounds, and afterwards, by a straightforward switch of a catch, it is lawful to use in occasions where separation estimating gadgets are permitted.

Taking all things together, the Pro X2 is exact, stuffed with innovation, lightweight to bear in your golf sack and an item that will keep going a very significant time-frame. We picked it as our Best Bolf Rangefinder of 2018.

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