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The lottery in Thailand happens on numerous occasions every month. It happens toward the start of dependably (routinely the first) and again around fourteen days at some point later (for the most part the sixteenth). It happens at 3 pm where the lottery facilitators sort out a TV program that props up an hour will the numbers being drawn around the finish of the show (by and large by 4 pm). One of the prizes combines the triumphant number of the last three digits drawn. Thusly, for instance, if the numbers drawn were 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 then the triumphant number would be 789.

The numbers go from 0 to 9. Those triumphant the last three digits winning the lottery will scoop 500 US Dollars for each dollar you stake. Should you get the three digits at any rate not in the right strategy (for instance you have 879) by then you will scoop $100 for each dollar. A little prize of $60 can be won by picking the right last two digits (in any requesting) so again if the numbers picked were 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and you have the number 89 in the last two digits sort out lottery, you will win $60 for each dollar stake. You can in like way win $60 by playing two digits down; this is the spot you need to compose the triumphant number in any movement, so 13 would win as would 67 and 89.

Thai Lottery Ticket in Bangkok

Thai Lottery Ticket

The Thai Lottery 3up tips result can be played online at and from the beginning if you need to play you have to select. The Thai National Lottery is eminent transversely over Thailand as it is the essential kind of legitimate betting permitted in the nation. A lottery ticket will impede you 80 baht and each ticket has two locales. Each ticket has two sections and it is outrageous to would like to get one fragment. The commonplace method to get a ticket is to purchase from one of the many wandering lotto brokers who meander around selling tickets, a most appreciated spot is out the front of McDonald’s or in near to business divisions. get more

Precisely when the numbers are drawn on national TV in Thailand, gigantic spectators are holding up with goaded breath to check whether their numbers organize the top prize of 2,000,000 baht. Without a doubt, even the second prize where you encourage five numbers can yield a portion of the great prize of 100,000 baht. The coordinators of the National Lottery in Thailand have cautioned against some stunt lottery affiliations selling tickets in Thailand, so it is major to buy just from GLO (Government Lottery Office of Thailand) chose retail outlets. You can check whether your numbers were pulled in by getting to the site at if you can look at Thai the authority Gov lottery site here, the number is up to the top on the right.

Entrancing Facts about the Thai Lottery

A few progressively Thai Lottery Tips. Next to these prizes, there are two or three compensations. Individuals who match 6 digits and the unit numbers drawn will wrap up getting a reward of 30,000 Baht. Arranging the 6 digits and one unit number will make a reward of 20,000 Baht.

Prizes must be pronounced inside 2 years of the portrayal date. There’s a zone 0.5 per cent charge that applies to a large portion of the prizes.

Charming Facts about the Thai Lottery

1. Thai Lottery tickets come two by two of 2. The entirety of the tickets consolidates a top and a base part. While it’s conceivable to get only one, obtaining the two bits of the ticket will twofold your opportunity of winning a prize.

2. The legitimate setting of lotteries in Thailand comes back to 1874. Ruler Rama V was the first to give up the Royal Bodyguard Department with the advantage to work a celebratory lottery meaning his birthday. The first since everlastingly lottery pulling in Thailand occurred in the Grand Palace and it looked for after a European lottery framework. Ruler Rama V is viewed as the organizer of lotteries in Thailand.


3. The Thailand National Lottery is one of the two sorts of approved betting in the nation. The essential other passable choice is steed hustling wagers in Bangkok.

4. The national lottery is exceptionally extraordinary in the nation. There are 19.2 million close by people and different by and large players impelled by Thai Lottery. Near to players spend around 76 billion Baht ($2.3 billion) on the acquisition of lottery tickets in 2014.

5. Thai individuals have very unusual methods for picking their lottery numbers. Various superstitions are encompassing such distractions. The numbers must be symbolical rather than picked indiscreetly. Thai individuals can get lottery numbers from their fantasies, uncommon markings they find in standard step by step nearness, number of things that they run over (for instance, the number of regular things on a tree) or circulating numbers to occasions and things (water symbolizes the number 2, differentiation – 9, rodents – 1, and so on.).

Most recent Results

Most recent Thai Lottery Results

The Thai Lottery draws occur on:

The first of reliably

The sixteenth of reliably

Ticket game plans close in simply seconds before this hour on the hours of the diagram.

How It Works

Our heads will buy your ticket while you sit back, release up and pick your fortunate numbers. Right when that is done, we will send you a message with your numbers and will uncover to you the total you won!

No catches, no hidden charges – prizes will be guaranteed for your favourable position and promptly credited to your 24Lottos record. On the off chance that you win the tremendous stake or another essential entire, we’ll be answerable for reaching you and making the game courses of action for you to get your prizes.

The best procedure to Play Thai Lottery

To play the Thai Lottery, you’ll have to do the going with:

Select a numerical blend including 6 digits

To win the gigantic stake, you’ll need to sort out the majority of the 6 digits drawn.

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